How to juggle two or more kids

This post is going to cover how one parent or adult can handle two kids at the same time. There are different difficulty levels depending on the age and ability of each child. I’m going to be talking about two kids of different ages. One being too young to be independent and the other is starting to be more independent. So how do you juggle two or more kids.1. Stay calm:You as the adult need to set the tone. Children pick up on how you are feeling about the situation at hand, so you want to start by setting a calm and cool setting. Extra added stress from yelling and anger will transfer to your children. So dont let it come up.2. Instruct and empower:Give the older child with more duties. If you need to help wash up your younger child, see if you can have older brother or sister to help wash up little brother. This will allow you as the parent to keep an eye on both children and get what you need to do done.3. Plan and share:Tell your children the game plan, so they can get themselves ready. They may not want to follow, but at least they know what to expect.4. Safe place:If you really need to leave one child alone while you tend to the other child, make sure you have a safe place to put your child. Such as a crib or bedroom, to make sure that your child will not get enjured.I hope this has been helpful. As always, stay nimble and kwik.

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