5 tips to Minimize your life in order to Expand your life

Our goal as dads here at KwikDad is to make our lives more efficient in terms of time. There are so many things we would like to do, but we are limited on how many hours we have available in a day.So in order to expand our lives in the sense of having quality, meaning and purposeful time with our children, we need to minimize our lives.

1. Minimize the amount of stuff in your home:

By doing this, your family will gain back the wasted time lost when searching for things. With less things in the house, you will have less items to clean and fix. Your children will also learn to live the things that already have

2. Minimize the amount of responsibilities and commitments:

Sure, there are a lot of good things that you can commit your lives to, but if you find that you dont have enough time for all of it, then it’s time to give some of them up. Which would you prefer? To do poorly at many things or to do well at a few things? I rather do well at a few things. So that will require saying no to others.

3. Block out time on your calendar for the less obvious activities:

For example, your calendar might be full of appointments, but you need to make time for 1 on 1 time with your children or spouse to talk about their day.

4. Keep an empty fridge:

Only keep enough food for one week’s ration. Set 1 day to buy your groceries. Make a menu for the week. Based on your menu, buy what you will need. Resist buying items just because it is on sale. You will end up wasting time and money when you throw the uneaten soiled food out.

5. Minimize the amount of steps:

This can literally refer to the amount of steps you take take to get from one place to another. Use GPS apps that show you the quickest routes, so you can avoid traffic. Minimizing your steps throughout your day also refers to batching tasks. For example, instead of waking down to the garage to replenish your toilet paper and then walking back to your bathroom. Think about what can be batched together on this next task. Perhaps on your way to the garage, you can bring down a load of dirty laundry, then on your way back, remember to grab some rolls of toilet paper. Using this method takes just a little more planning, but you essentially cut your total steps in half.

I hope these tips are helpful for you in your journey as a dad. As always, stay nimble and kwik.

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