5 Dad Hacks to Boost your relationship with your Kids

1. Like your kids

Loving your kids can be done in many ways. But liking your kids takes a different mentality all together. Think about your commute back home. Are you looking forward to seeing your kids or dreading to see them? Learn to like them and make them like you too. This includes a change in thinking, communicating and interacting.

2. Make your kids laugh

Sometimes as dads, we focus too much on trying to get things done and we forget to stop and laugh. Laughing helps everyone decrease in stress. Next time you see your kids, think about how you can make them laugh. Just a funny face or a joke can work. You’ll see how much you and your kids’ moods will all change. Parenting can be fun!

3. Be proud of your kids

Praise your kids when they do something you want to see more of. For example, if your son uses polite words or shows concern for others. Praise him immediately, so that he knows that action is good. It also helps you focus and pay attention to what your kids are doing. Children will notice that you are giving them attention.

4. Love and respect for mom

Children learn by observing their parents. As dads, we need to teach our children to respect and love mom. They will learn this first hand by seeing how dad treats mom.

5. Be unselfish

As the man of the house, we need to lead and care for our pack. Be generous and unselfish with time, love, attention, activities, food, etc. By putting your family first before yourself, your wife and kids will learn to trust you and that will build a lasting relationship.

These are a few ideas that I hope will help improve your relationship with your children. It requires thought and intentions to make your relationships work with your kids. Always enjoy this process. Your kids will grow up fast.

As always, stay nimble and kwik.

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